7 Things you Need to Know about Pennsylvania’s Eminent Domain and Condemnation Laws

seven things you need to know

The government can use the power of eminent domain to take private properties from hardworking citizens. It’s happening every day across Pennsylvania.

In North Philadelphia, the Housing Authority is currently seizing the deeds to 1300+ commercial and residential properties as it commences a half-billion dollar project to revitalize the Sharswood-Blumberg community.

What you Need to Know

At Real World Law, we believe knowledge is power. The more you understand about the eminent domain process, the better you can protect your rights as a property owner.

Here are 7 things you need to know if you own real estate in Pennsylvania:

1. The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution gives the government power to take private property for public use, and in exchange for just compensation.

2. In the last decade, Pennsylvania has used its eminent domain power to acquire thousands of private properties. In Philadelphia alone, 4000+ deeds were seized from 1992 through 2007. Of those, less than 250 owners challenged the taking of their homes and businesses. Most had no idea they could.

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