Chapter 7


Tired of Dealing with Aggressive Creditors? Chapter 7 May Be the Perfect Solution for You!


Chapter 7 is the most commonly used, expedient and least expensive bankruptcy available to debtors. Known as “straight bankruptcy,” it provides protection to individuals, married couples and businesses who need to:

  • Take the first step towards financial freedom
  • Get rid of aggressive creditors
  • Discharge unpaid medical bills
  • Eliminate most (if not all!) of your debts
  • Regain the peace of mind you deserve

How the Chapter 7 Process Works

Your bankruptcy case commences the moment your petition is filed in court. From this point forward, an automatic stay goes into effect, which means your creditors must halt all collection actions while you take steps to discharge your debts.

Next, a bankruptcy trustee is assigned by the court to gather and liquidate all of your non-exempt assets as the proceeds from any sale are used to repay your creditors.

For this reason, Chapter 7 is usually sought by individuals or entities who have few, if any, assets to liquidate.

The Hearing

Within 30 days of filing a chapter 7 petition, your case is scheduled for a 341 meeting of creditors. You must be present at this hearing as you must disclose your personal property and debts under oath.

While your creditors are not required to attend, if present they are allowed to question you about the information you included in your petition.

The Bankruptcy Discharge!

Your creditors will have up to 60 days following the 341 hearing to convince the bankruptcy court and trustee that you should not be discharged from their debts.

If all goes well, you will wipe out all unsecured debts, retain possession of exempt property, <b>obtain a full bankruptcy discharge</b> — and get the fresh start you want!

Is Chapter 7 the Best Option for You?

While Chapter 7 is appealing to most, it may not be the best bankruptcy option for your financial situation.

If you own property and/or vehicles you wish to protect from liquidation  — or if you’ve incurred debt in a business you want to continue operating, you may want to consider another bankruptcy option. Perhaps chapter 13 or 11?

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