Is the Government Using the Power of Eminent Domain to take your Property?

Contact our Upper Darby real estate law firm ASAP! We can help you challenge the taking and/or secure just compensation for your home or business.

Small Business Bankruptcy

Struggling to keep your business open? Afraid you may lose the dream you've worked years to build? Don't give up. There is hope. With bankruptcy, you can reorganize your debt, pay off your creditors and continue to run the business you love. Call us today 610.734.0750.

Stop Home Foreclosure

Is your mortgage lender threatening to foreclose on your home? Tired of dodging calls, letters and emails from creditors? End the stress today! Contact our Upper Darby bankruptcy lawyer at 610-734-0750 to save your home, automobile and other assets.

Professional License Protection for Dentists and Medical Professionals

Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, engineer or other licensed professional practicing in Pennsylvania, much is expected of you. You’re held to high standards and face unique challenges. Real World Law can help you defend your license, stay in compliance with the Board, and protect your livelihood.

Creditor Rights in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Writing off more unsecured debt than you're collecting? Not sure how to protect your interests in bankruptcy cases? Hire an attorney to provide debtor analysis, oppose frivolous filings, negotiate reorganization plans, seek case dismissals and protect your creditor rights.

Defend and Protect your PA Professional License

Licensed professionals in Pennsylvania are held to high standards. A single complaint and subsequent investigation can cause irreparable harm to you, your reputation and your practice. Real World Law can help you defend your license, stay in compliance, and protect your livelihood.

Stop Home Foreclosure with Bankruptcy

Stressing over unpaid bills while your mortgage lender threatens to foreclose on your home? You are not alone! Contact our office immediately to discuss steps you can take to save your home, automobile and other assets. Call 610.734.0750 today!

Defend your Business in Pennsylvania Courts

Has your business been served with a lawsuit? Need help responding? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re a Philadelphia small business owner or decision maker for a large corporation, if you’re a party in complex litigation we can help you. We represent clients in a wide range of matters involving: contract breaches, commercial landlord and tenant disputes, bankruptcy, and professional licensing services.