Eminent Domain and Condemnation

The City is Using Eminent Domain Laws to Take Private Properties from Homeowners and Businesses in Philadelphia — And Our Upper Darby Law Firm is Here to Help

Eminent domain laws give the government, utility companies and other entities authority to take private properties under certain circumstances — and in exchange for just compensation.

Right now, property owners across Pennsylvania are being forced to surrender their homes, businesses and vacant lots. Communities are being dismantled, old buildings are being bulldozed, and new developments are underway.

Eminent Domain in Sharswood North Philadelphia

In the Sharswood neighborhood of North Philadelphia, the Housing Authority has launched a half-billion dollar revitalization project, and is using the power of eminent domain to carry out its plans.

The city has begun seizing the deeds of approximately 1300+ properties it plans to condemn, and relocating families to neighboring communities.

Eminent domain can be a battle for both residential and commercial property owners. You do not have to navigate the process alone.

Legal Protection in Eminent Domain Actions

  • You can challenge an entity’s right to take your property, but you may not be successful.
  • If eminent domain cannot be avoided, you’re entitled to the fair market value of your real estate.
  • Some owners unknowingly accept pennies for their properties. You don’t have to!

Attorney Glenn Brown and the Real World Law team are currently fighting to protect residential and commercial property owners in Sharswood.

We’re meeting with appraisers, coordinating independent assessments, and negotiating with the Housing Authority to secure the fair market value of our clients’ real estate. We can help you too but you must move quickly. Time is of the essence.

We provide legal representation on a contingency fee basis. This means you’re not required to pay any legal fees until your matter is resolved or tried before the Philadelphia Board of View.

Schedule a Private Consultation

Attorney Glenn Brown is offering free consultations to all property owners in eminent domain matters. If you’ve received a notice from the city or a private entity, we need to speak with you as soon as possible. Schedule your private one-on-one today.

We’ve two convenient office locations in Pennsylvania. Our Upper Darby – Philadelphia office is located on Market Street, minutes from Center City and one block east of the 69th Street SEPTA station.

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