Eminent Domain 101

Eminent Domain 101 — a FREE 11 Part eGuide for Property Owners Involved in Eminent Domain and Condemnation Actions

eminent domain 101

Imagine opening your mailbox after a long day only to find an eminent domain notice informing you that your property is on someone’s list to be condemned.

Imagine how you’d feel knowing you could lose your slice of the American Dream through no fault of your own. Now multiply that feeling by thousands!

This is what many property owners in Philadelphia are dealing with today.

As eminent domain projects spread across the state, property owners are learning that the homes, businesses and land they’ve worked to acquire are being taken by the government – and in many instances, there’s not much they can do to prevent it.

Protect your Rights as a Property Owner —
and Secure the Fair Market Value for
your Land, Home or Business

Eminent domain laws are complex — and navigating the process is even more difficult. We highly recommend that you contact our law firm before you communicate with the condemning agency, appraiser or any other party.

We also believe knowledge is power. The more you understand eminent domain and condemnation laws, the better.

So we’ve created Eminent Domain 101 – an 11 Part eGuide to answer questions you have about the process and delve into the details.

We discuss a range of topics including:

  • Your rights as a commercial or residential property owner
  • How the eminent domain and condemnation process works
  • Challenging the government’s “right to take” your property
  • How to secure the fair market value for your real estate and more

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