Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions

Section Description Max


522(d)(1) Real or personal property used as a residence (e.g. a trailer) $18,450
522(d)(2) Debtor’s interest in one motor vehicle $2,950
522(d)(3) Household goods, clothing, appliances, animals, crops, musical instruments for family use, not to exceed $475 in any one item. $9,850
522(d)(4) Personal jewelry $1,225
522(d)(5) Aggregate interest in any property, not to exceed $975 in value plus $9,250 of unused amount of exemption under 522(d)(1) $10,225
522(d)(6) Implements, professional books, tools of trade $1,850
522(d)(8) Unmatured life contract’s accrued dividend $9,850
522(d)(9) Professionally prescribed health aids n/a
522(d)(10) Debtor’s right to receive social security, veteran’s benefits, disability, illness and unemployment benefits, alimony, support or maintenance to extent reasonably necessary for the support of debtor and dependents. Also a payment under a stock bonus, pension profit-sharing, annuity or similar plan on account of illness disability, death, age or length of service to the above extent. n/a
522(d)(11)(d) Bodily injury settlement for pain & suffering or other loss $18,450

* This figure is the maximum amount allowed per individual. The limits for married couples are double the maximum deduction amount.

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